Monday, December 21, 2009

Warhammer Farewell Movie

by Oozo

I had a great time in Warhammer. It was, by far, the best PvP community I've played in. People were, for the most part, much more mature than in other games. People understood the meaning of the word respect and appreciated those who played for the challenge and competition rather than just playing to win.

This movie captures some of the closer fights I had that did not make it into other movies.

The main difference between WAR PvP and WOW PvP is the pace of the fights. Things are much slower in WAR. There really isn't much in the way of "quick reflex" skills needed for the game. There are a few situations, knockdown on spell casts but there just aren't that many quick skill reactions involved in the game. Sorry, but that is truth. The positive thing about WAR is that it does take some time to kill someone, so you actually have a chance to execute strategy before you get CCd and instagibbed as happens in WOW quite often.

In order to execute strategy in WOW, you must have survivability via talent build AND gear. Gear is absolutely essential to actually *play* your character as it should be played in WOW. That was not the case in WAR where the gear gap was much more lenient to the undergeared.

The first thing I noticed coming back to WOW was how fast the PvP was compared to WAR. You really need to think and react fast to changing situations. WOW PvP takes more skill. Unfortunately, gear differentials ruin it's overall balance.

Perhaps, someday, somewhere, some game will get it completely right.

WOW Feral Druid PvP movies INC, but for now my WAR farewell movie:

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