Saturday, August 29, 2009

Champions Online: A PvP Short

by Oozo

As mentioned previously, I love the animations in Champions Online. This short movie gives emphasis to those animations from the point of view of a duel swords hero. The big hitting ability you see in this movie has a 6 second buildup. It is extremely hard to land with all of the knockdowns and interrupts in the game.

It does continue to build while you move though, so with some good timing and a bit of luck you can land it. And it's quite satisfying when it does. :)

Champions Online: First Impressions

by Oozo

Looks like I will be making the move from Warhammer Online to Champions Online. Champions Online has it's problems in the area of PvP balance, but it has one BIG intangible going for it. It's fun, despite it's PvP flaws.

The animations and pace of action is very good IMO and should be enough to keep me going for awhile. I'll see what I can do with the PvP aspect of the game. I'm not really a FoTMer type of personality and this game is going to be all about the FoTM if you want to do well in PvP.

Below is a short movie with commentary I did from first day open beta clips. There are anti-kiting melee abilities. The one thing you will absolutely need to avoid if doing a melee-concept for your character are melee energy builders. You must use a ranged energy builder or you will be severely gimping yourself for PvP. And, that's unfortunate.

The last fights with Oozo are done with an ability called Thunderbolt Lunge. Honestly the ability was on the OP side of things. It has been nerfed recently and given a cooldown, so it's no longer spammable.

Monday, August 17, 2009

MOVIE: Oozinator #7 - Choppa vs. Witch Hunter

by Oozo

As I mention in the movie there is no real pre-set strategy that you can use against a Witch Hunter. There are just too many things that can happen in this fight to change it's dynamic. Does the WH get the opener on you? Or do you get the first shot in? Does the WH play aggressively or do they play cautiously?

There is no pre-set strategy but there are guidelines to how you should react to different events.

  • You should always try to prevent the opener or at least initiate combat with the WH before the opener. If you can get a throwing weapon in before the opener it will give you a head start on rage, and this is important because our knockdown goes a long way to helping us win this fight.

  • Use your detaunt if you get opened on. What usually follows is Pistol Whip and you can save some damage to yourself if you get the WH detaunted right before PW.

  • Keep your eyes and ears open for Repel Blasphemy and Disarm. To counter you can detaunt and charge away. Always protect your charge with Shrug It Off to keep the WH from snaring you with Snap Shot. If you can't run off Repel Blasphemy, then do your best to get to the Witch Hunter's back (something you should always try to do anyway).

  • Whatever damage you can do with AoEs while staying out of the reach of the WH the better. The range on our AoEs allows us to melee-kite to some extent. Also, by keeping your distance or using the dreaded S key to backup you help to prevent the WH from getting to your back. Of course, a good WH will recognize this early and try to use Feinted Positioning to land Pistol Whip but, again, any free damage you get is good.

  • Scratch and claw to survive until your knockdown is ready. The knockdown is almost always a key factor in winning a fight against a WH.

IMO, this fight is the Witch Hunter's to lose. A WH with good gear and a solid build and strategy is going to win this fight more often than not if they get the opener. And, even if they don't get the opener a good WH can still beat you. Due to the amount of anti-melee abilties they have, they are in the driver's seat. You have to stay alert and look for any mistakes or openings that they might give you. If they don't give you any openings you have to do your best to stay alive, which includes kiting if possible. Once you get enough rage for your knockdown, it is possible to turn this fight around.

An important thing to remember here is to not get discouraged and frustrated if you get faceplanted a few times by Witch Hunters. Look upon them as a challenge. There is no glory without overcoming challenge.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

CoH Comic - The Debater Episode 4: Fascist Faceoff

by Oozo

In this episode the Debater discusses the merits of free speech with some well-meaning fascists.

CoH Comic - The Debater Episode 3: Raving Mad

by Oozo

The Debater crashes a rave to teach kids that late night sex and drug parties are bad, regardless of the consequences it could have on Denny's revenue stream.

Continue to Episode 4: Fascist Faceoff?

CoH Comic - The Debater Episode 2: Official Superhero

by Oozo

In order to fight crime in Paragon City you must have a Superhero Registration Card.

Continue to Episode 3: Raving Mad?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

City of Heroes Comics

by Oozo

The following is a collection of comics that I did when playing City of Heroes. They were made to make me laugh, if no one else.

Episode 1: A Fowl Plot
Episode 2: Official Superhero
Episode 3: Raving Mad
Episode 4: Fascist Faceoff
Episode 5: H.E.L.L. to Pay
Episode 6: Survey Says, Trouble Ahead
Episode 7: I'm Not the Bad Guy
Episdoe 8: The Vegan Vigilante

Friday, August 14, 2009

CoH Comic - The Debater Episode 1: A Fowl Plot

by Oozo

In honor of the upcoming release of Champions Online, I have decided to dust off some old comics I did for City of Heroes. In this episode the Debater gets more than he can handle trying to convince the citizenry that fried chicken is bad for you.

In total there are 8 episodes. The story line got cut short prematurely by the release of World of Warcraft. Perhaps the Debater will make a return in Champions Online?

Continue to Episode 2: Official Superhero?

MOVIE: Oozinator #6 Choppa vs. Slayer

by Oozo

It's that time again!

This movie (watch in HQ) covers the Choppa versus Slayer matchup. The two Slayers featured in this movie are Zulbin and Ghaern. Zulbin is the current number one renown Slayer on Iron Rock and Ghaern is considered by most to be the best 1v1 Slayer on Iron Rock.

The first three fights in this movie are against Zulbin. In each of these fights he is using a Trollslayer build and thus has Rune of Absorption. I am, as always, using a Da' Savage tree build. So, I have Furious Choppin. I am not using Wot Rules in these first three fights.

In fights against Slayers where I don't have Wot Rules my general strategy is to debuff and then use Furious Choppin early. If the Slayer is starting the fight with zero rage then you want to use Furious Choppin early since this is the safest time to use it against a Slayer. The only way a Slayer can stop the heal is with their knockdown and that only becomes available to them when they have red rage. The other advantage of using Furious Choppin early is that if you get into an extended fight you will be able to use it more than once.

After using Furious Choppin I will kite until I have red rage so I have access to my knockdown. Many Slayers make the mistake of not using Rune of Absorption early. If they don't use RoA early and try to save it then they will almost always lose since when they do try to use it, I will be able to interrupt it with my knockdown. You see this strategy play out exactly as such in the last two fights with Zulbin.

If the Slayer is not starting out the fight at zero rage and already has rage built up, then you should wait until after you get knocked down before using your Furious Choppin as demonstrated in the first fight of this movie.

The next two fights are part of a dueling series I had against Ghaern in Chaos Wastes. In these fights I am using the same build as the fights against Zulbin and Ghaern is using a Giantslayer build with Power Through. This allows Ghaern to spam his exhaustives and, in particular, spam Spellbreaker once furious. You wouldn't think that a non-Trollslayer build Slayer could beat a Savage build Choppa, but I did lose this series of duels. The pure damage a Giantslayer can put out is very impressive and in several of the fights he was able to overwhelm the healing I got from my Furious Choppin. The thing that won him most of the fights was that he was able to dump all of that damage and then follow it up with his knockdown.

This series of duels against Ghaern is the reason why I changed builds. I decided that being able to dump damage with exhaustives and still maintain the ability to do an early knockdown was just too good to pass up. However, instead of going down the 2Hand tree like Ghaern did I was going to couple it with Furious Choppin for the heal. Thus was born the build that you see me using most often in my movies.

The last fights in the movie are with the Furious Choppin/Wot Rules build. The strategy now is to debuff, use Furious Choppin early, spam whatever exhaustives you have, and then use knockdown as necessary if they live through the inital damage burst. This build and strategy is extremely powerful against Slayers. The only counter they have is to use a mirror build and the same exact strategy. If they don't then you end up with fights like the last three in this movie. Blow outs.

Both Zulbin and Ghaern ended up moving to this build and strategy. The last fights I had with both of them were mirror fights that came down to the last blow. Unfortunately, I was not able to fraps the fights as I was having some performance issues for a month or so.

In conclusion I find the Choppa versus Slayer 1v1 matchup to be relatively balanced if the fight is ended before morale can be built, after which the Choppa has the advantage in my opinion. Also, I feel that Choppa is a better overall oRvR solo career than the Slayer. There are three main reasons why I feel that is the case.

In terms of group play, I consider Choppa and Slayer to be in the same equivalence class. The reason why Slayers did not gain the notoriety of Choppas is because whatever a Slayer could do was simply overshadowed by what a Bright Wizard could do in terms of group PvP. Hopefully, that dynamic will change.

For a full file download use

Monday, August 10, 2009

Movie Libraries Almost Complete

by Oozo

I've always wanted to get a central "storage" point for the movies I've made going all the way back to my World of Warcraft days. It's not a complete library, but I'm happy with the amount of old movies I've been able to salvage online. Since Youtube and Google don't allow for movies over 10 minutes long anymore it would be a chore to upload my longer movies. I could use something like Filefront, but Filefront is really only a temporary storage point and it is quite often prone to frustrating uploading errors.

Now that I've got most of what I want done, I can turn my attention to finishing off some more Warhammer PvP movies with the Fraps footage I still have available. My next movie will be on the Slayer vs. Choppa matchup. After that, I'd like to do something on Witch Hunters and then, perhaps, a movie featuring a montage of 1v1s against some of the finest solo PvPers Iron Rock has to offer.

At this point, I am not sure if I will be sticking with Warhammer. I like the game, but sometimes it is hard to find action and the action you do find is often times just too "zergy" for my playstyle.

I've tried Aion and, although it seems like a decent game, I can tell that it is just not something I would be personally interested in for a long haul. Right now, my eye is on Champions Online and the PvP Cage Match footage I've seen just today has piqued my interest.

Warhammer Online Movie Library

World of Warcraft Movie Library

Champions Online PvP: Cage Match

by Oozo

Well, this is very impressive footage to say the least. The movement animation is just superb. The spell animations are very good. The gameplay looks to be very smooth. It's seems to be fast-paced, but people also seem to be fairly durable.

There are points in this movie where you see the character get CC'd. A message comes up that they can hit F to remove the CC. Interesting.

I'm looking forward to checking this game out.

MOVIE: All By Meself 2

by Oozo

MOVIE: All By Meself 1

by Oozo

MOVIE: All By Meself 3

by Oozo


by Oozo

MOVIE: The Beast

by Oozo

MOVIE: Oozo Lives

by Oozo

MOVIE: R30 T4 Choppa Epic Failures

by Oozo

Things don't always go well for a R30 Choppa in T4.

MOVIE: R30 T4 Choppa 1v1s

by Oozo

This is a short collection of some 1v1s against some of the top players on Iron Rock on my R30/31 Choppa.

MOVIE: Death Is Not The End 3

by Oozo

MOVIE: Death Is Not The End 1

by Oozo

MOVIE: Poison

by Oozo

MOVIE: I Can Only Beat Noobs 3

by Oozo

MOVIE: I Can Only Beat Noobs 2

by Oozo

MOVIE: I Can Only Beat Noobs 1

by Oozo

MOVIE: I Can Only Beat Noobs 4

by Oozo

World of Warcraft Movie Library

by Oozo

This is a collection of my World of Warcraft PvP Movies. (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)



  • Iwl 1
  • Iwl 2
  • Iwl 3





  • Ial (FUDK4: Enjoy the Pain)


Warhammer Online Movie Library

by Oozo

This is a collection of some of my Warhammer Online PvP movies.



Sunday, August 9, 2009

MOVIE: R30 T4 Choppa 1vNs

by Oozo

This movie contains some clips of my R30/31 Choppa doing some oRvR in T4. It is part of an unfinished project from earlier in the year. Rather than destroy the clip, I decided to upload it in case anyone was interested in seeing what things were like for in the early 30s.

All clips are 1vNs except for a single 1v1 fight against a Witch Hunter. All opponents are R40. No commentary, purely for entertainment.