Monday, August 10, 2009

World of Warcraft Movie Library

by Oozo

This is a collection of my World of Warcraft PvP Movies. (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)



  • Iwl 1
  • Iwl 2
  • Iwl 3





  • Ial (FUDK4: Enjoy the Pain)



Anonymous said...

Oozo, do you still have your very old Oozo Rogue videos? I enjoyed the level 60 video called "Original Control" the best but obviously filefront does not have it anymore. If you do have them it would be great if you could post them or send them to me :). As i said, i am interested in Original Control and any others you may have from around that time.

Anonymous said...
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Oozo said...

I still have them on the hard drive. I'll start putting them back up on Filefront when I have a chance. I've been pretty busy the last month.

I wish I could put them up on Youtube, but they have that damn <10 min restriction. :(

Anonymous said...

great! Will you be posting them on this page?

Oozo said...

Hey, sorry for the long delay. I have the first part of Original Control up, the second part should go up in the next day or two. I'll work on getting the others up when I have a chance.