Monday, August 17, 2009

MOVIE: Oozinator #7 - Choppa vs. Witch Hunter

by Oozo

As I mention in the movie there is no real pre-set strategy that you can use against a Witch Hunter. There are just too many things that can happen in this fight to change it's dynamic. Does the WH get the opener on you? Or do you get the first shot in? Does the WH play aggressively or do they play cautiously?

There is no pre-set strategy but there are guidelines to how you should react to different events.

  • You should always try to prevent the opener or at least initiate combat with the WH before the opener. If you can get a throwing weapon in before the opener it will give you a head start on rage, and this is important because our knockdown goes a long way to helping us win this fight.

  • Use your detaunt if you get opened on. What usually follows is Pistol Whip and you can save some damage to yourself if you get the WH detaunted right before PW.

  • Keep your eyes and ears open for Repel Blasphemy and Disarm. To counter you can detaunt and charge away. Always protect your charge with Shrug It Off to keep the WH from snaring you with Snap Shot. If you can't run off Repel Blasphemy, then do your best to get to the Witch Hunter's back (something you should always try to do anyway).

  • Whatever damage you can do with AoEs while staying out of the reach of the WH the better. The range on our AoEs allows us to melee-kite to some extent. Also, by keeping your distance or using the dreaded S key to backup you help to prevent the WH from getting to your back. Of course, a good WH will recognize this early and try to use Feinted Positioning to land Pistol Whip but, again, any free damage you get is good.

  • Scratch and claw to survive until your knockdown is ready. The knockdown is almost always a key factor in winning a fight against a WH.

IMO, this fight is the Witch Hunter's to lose. A WH with good gear and a solid build and strategy is going to win this fight more often than not if they get the opener. And, even if they don't get the opener a good WH can still beat you. Due to the amount of anti-melee abilties they have, they are in the driver's seat. You have to stay alert and look for any mistakes or openings that they might give you. If they don't give you any openings you have to do your best to stay alive, which includes kiting if possible. Once you get enough rage for your knockdown, it is possible to turn this fight around.

An important thing to remember here is to not get discouraged and frustrated if you get faceplanted a few times by Witch Hunters. Look upon them as a challenge. There is no glory without overcoming challenge.


Mickeye said...

Great movie as always. I really like your style and your foreknowledge of enemy. Currently leveling my choppa through the t4 and it's a load of fun. I tend to run solo (as I did with my WL, but at the moment my order server is quite empty) and I manage to beat many classes one on one, even 8 levels above me. Biggest issue are curently SWs for me. I must say I hate unremovable snare they have, it's like I win button. I can beat most other classes same or higher level, but of course they had to play bad if they are level 40 against my level 32 choppa. :) On same level currently noone can beat me except those pesky SWs. But I guess when WHs get their Repel Blasphemy with Burn Away Lies, I'm done. :)
By the way, what do you think about IBs? Can you beat them repeatedly? I'd thought they are rock to our scissor, but maybe I'm wrong. Anyway, thanks for another nice video and keep on choping! :)

Oozo said...

The unremovable snare from Takedown is a bug and will hopefully be fixed next patch.

IBs are tough, but doable. I have a fight against the topRR IB on my server in movie #5. It's about half way through iirc. There are some lower rank IBs in there as well.