Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sunspots (Moonkin PvP)

by Oozo

FULL movie is here: http://warcraftmovies.com/movieview.php?id=158561

I was disappointed in the feedback on this one. I put a lot of effort into the editing, but apparantly it was too much. That many people with consistent negative feedback can't be entirely wrong. Because of this feedback, I toned down the editing in the my new warrior movie. I also made sure that my health was always available for the viewer no matter how I was zoomed in. That's a good thing. I learned a new technique which I will apply to future movies.


This is a segment from an upcoming L80 moonkin PvP video. There have been some moonkin videos put out recently that don't even come close to showing the full gameplay that is necessary to solo PvP successfully with a moonkin. The moonkin is by far the most challenging class/build I have solo PvPd with, but recent movies are doing the moonkin a serious disservice by portraying them as nothing but starfall and typhoon.

Some people actually believe that all you have to do is press starfall, run in and win. This, obviously doesn't work. If you don't get chain-CCd, they will just pop their defensive cooldowns and laugh at you. You have to set starfall up against any opponent with a brain. That means trying to survive while they work with superior tools against yours. And, by superior tools.. I mean things like offensive dispels (which moonkins don't have), instacast silences and interrupts (which moonkins don't have), get out of jail free cards (which moonkins don't have), get the picture?

Of the two more recent moonkin videos, one is a pure editing movie that doesn't showcase shifting, cyclone/starfire, kiting, or fighting against our hardest matchups (other casters). The other movie is by a top-end arena player that doesn't show these things either. After the arena player got flamed he went back and changed his introduction to the movie to appease the viewers. Quote:

Moonkins CAN'T do anything else but dmg. Look at the talent tree: dmg, dmg, dmg, range, dmg, a new skill with dmg, dmg and ultimate: DMG!

This... from a top arena players. Pathetic might be the word I'm looking for here. I'm going to try to refute this perception, but I doubt I will successful as the "moonkin don't take any skill" mindset has taken strong root.

Be sure to watch in highest definition. The quality is pretty good.