Friday, May 21, 2010

FUDK2: Battleground Hero

by Oozo

Update: The movie is published at

As expected, the ratings are all over the place. Some like it, others hate it. Most that hate it, hate it for lame and/or incorrect reasoning. But, that's just the way it goes. :) What was unexpected, is that they decided to feature it. Pretty risky, given that a good portion of WCM viewers dismiss this kind of movie out of hand.


The movie is rendering now and should be uploaded to WCM within a few days. This movie will focus more on objective-based PvP than the 1vN PvP bloodbath featured in FUDK. I've also decided to add some humor segments to the movie, similar to what I did for the Huntard movie.

ATM, I'm inclined to keep a humor storyline going as it opens up avenues to talk about different elements of the game. Are DKs overpowered from 50-79? Can a lowbie contribute in his PvP bracket? How do you jump warrior charges and intercepts consistently?

It would also allow me to tie in my shadowpriest, hunter, druid, and rogue 70 movies and even go waaaaaaay back and do a "best of" nostalgia movie from my Chromed/Oozo pre-TBC footage. I am missing a few of the fullsize movies (Oozo's Fear and Chromed's Poison most noteably), but I should have enough to put something interesting together.

But, I digress. Breakdown and credits for the movie follow. Again, it is heavily edited such that the action and events in the movie sync up with the music. In order to do this I have to zoom, fast forward, slow mo, cut, paste, etc. etc. Lots of work went into this.

PART 1 - Scrubs Anonymous (humor intro)

- Toasty Loop by Jimbob

- Stealth Game Over by Jimbob

- Badass Theme - Loopmaster

- Eeeeeeeeeee! from Austin Powers "Goldmember"

PART 2 - Return to Bass by Meat Beat Manifesto (pvp segment)

PART 3 - Tzolk'in by Imprintz & Kleo (pvp segment)

PART 4 - Showdown (Excision Remix) by Pendulum (pvp/dance segment)

PART 5 - Industrial Love by ISTW (humor segment)

PART 6 - Montage from Team America (pvp montage, duh?)

PART 7 - Ray's Whipass by Mike O'Connor and Ray (credits)

Will update with link when it is published.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Summer Vacation, Finally

by Oozo

Work has been rough since I released FUDK, but now I'm on summer vacation so I can get back to working on some movie projects. I've already started work on FUDK2. This movie will be more about actual battleground objectives than the first movie. WSG flag returns and flag caps will be the main focus. I'm also going to be adding some humor commentary, similar to what I did for my 70 hunter movie.

I don't really see the benefit of busting my ass to gear up my 80s with Cataclysm right around the corner. That work would effectively be wasted once the level cap moves to 85 and gear inflation strikes once again. So, I am planning on getting as many of my toons to 80 as possible and doing BGs with friends so I have flexibility when Cataclysm arrives.

For future movie projects, I'm thinking of doing some humor/tutorial types of videos for entry-level PvPers. I'm also thinking of doing some nostalgia videos for Oozo and Chromed. It's funny, I look back at some of those videos and see me vanishing charges, knocking rogues out of stealth before they can open on me, restealthing for openers with dots on me, 5-8 kiting warriors etc. None of which I got much credit for, but other rogues were celebrated for doing. One of the mistakes I made when doing those videos is I thought people would watch the movies carefully enough to notice these things so I did not emphasis them. That was a mistake, and it's a mistake I corrected when working on FUDK. I made a point to emphasis the key elements of the fight and that strategy paid off as the movie was well-recieved.