Friday, December 23, 2011

New SWTOR blogsite

I've imported all posts to a new blog dedicated to SWTOR.

Oozo Strikes Back

I'm going to try to stay active with this blog.  Liking the PvP so far.

Monday, December 12, 2011

SWTOR Movies

by Raggok

This will be the SWTOR Movie Library page.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Back to the Lichking Nostalgia Movie

by Oozo

Back to the Lichking has been posted to Warcraft Movies. Unfortunately, it's a bit too long to upload to Youtube. The movie is a mixture of 1vNs, tricks, and humor from the WoTLK era of World of Warcraft.

It's a follow up to Back to the Vanilla and Back to the Crusade.

I've been uploading my old movies that are under 15 minutes in length to Youtube over the past couple of days and updating the Movie Library links to the right. Longer movies would require me to re-render into two parts, which is something I don't have the time to do right now. :(

New computer is supposed to arrive tomorrow afternoon. Let's hope it works. ;)

RIFT Movies

by Oozo

I did not play RIFT for very long, thus only one real movie.

Champions Online Movies

by Oozo

I didn't play this game for long due to my friends having no interest. Here are a few movies from that game.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Coming Home.

by Oozo

I stopped playing World of Warcraft back in April of this year. I stopped due to a loss of interest in the game and also because of some computer problems.

With a new computer and a new game on the way, I'll be coming back home. I plan on doing both informational and entertainment movies for Star Wars: The Old Republic. I'm eager to jump into a new game to learn a new system and learn some new tricks.

Before that happens, I hope to finish my last World of Warcraft movie. It will be a follow up to Back to The Vanilla and Back to the Crusade. Yes... Back to the Lichking. What else?

I'll be adding movies I've done to the Library over the next few days.