Wednesday, March 24, 2010

iFyoUDeathKnight (FUDK)

by Oozo


FUDK is an L70ish Deathknight 1vN movie focusing on action, entertainment, and music.

Many of the 1vNs in this movie are 1v4+ with some sustained fights reaching up to 8-10 kills. I'm not trying to make a statement with these fights. They are for entertainment, as 1vNs typically make for exciting and visually dynamic clips. My DK/gear was definitely OP in the 70 AV. But, I also know that means little to nothing with respect to L80 balance (and so should you).

Here is what you can expect:

  • keybinds (everything except for food, sorry)
  • strafing (yeah, I know.. I'm amazing, right?)
  • engineering (pyro & lightning, very very frightening!)
  • 1vNs (lots of them)
  • a few 1v1s against arena-geared-perma-AV-twink hunters (level-capped FTW)
  • editing such that the action fits the music (or maybe it's the music that fits the action)
  • some pro-deathgrip action (sarcasm)
  • no arenas (yeah, I know... L70, duh)
  • no duels (what? and give away the advantage of SURPRISE!?)
  • no mercy (many green cons were hurt during the making of this movie)
  • humor & humility (I am not GOD and I know it)

Movie Outline:

Part One - "Omen" by The Prodigy (Noisia Remix)

  • intro
  • 1v5 (69 hunter, 70 deathknight, 63 rogue, 70 rogue, 67 mage)
  • I gots death runes
  • 1v5+ chain (70 priest, 70 priest, 68 warrior, 67 mage, 62 deathknight)
  • TIME FILLER 1v1 hunter (meny snaeks kilt!)
  • 1v5 (70 hunter, 66 shaman, 70 mage, 61 hunter, 70 rogue)

Part Two - "Poison Arrow" by ABC

  • 1v1s versus arena-geared L70 hunter twinks
  • and a bizarre love triangle?

Part Three - "The Great Destroyer" by NiN (Darkstar Remix)

  • raw footage with minimal editing
  • 11-man chainkill (64 priest x2, 63 warrior x3, 66 warrior x2, 70 druid x2, 62 paladin, 70 paladin) with some assistance from a suicidal holy nova spamming L64 priest (I tried to save her, really - I did)
  • 1v4 chain (67 druid, 62 warrior, 70 shaman, 65 paladin)

Part Four - "Scorpion" by The Immortals

  • 1v4+ (63 shaman, 62 deathknight, 70 rogue, 65 hunter)

Part Five - "No Man Army" by The Prodigy

  • hungering cold+parachute+cliff = lulz
  • 1v5+ (70 priest, 62 rogue, 66 deathknight, 64 deathknight, 68 paladin)
  • 1v8 chain (70 hunter, 64 hunter, 68 rogue, 64 deathknight, 65 shaman, 66 warrior, 61 deathknight, 61 ALTERAC RAM)
  • FUDK2 preview?
  • will I get crushed when I'm the green/gray con?
Part Six - "I'm About To Whip Somebody's Ass" by Ray (Acid Jazz Remix)

  • outro/credits

Movie link will be given when movie is uploaded and accepted.


by Oozo

As I type, iFyoUDeathKnight (FUDK) is uploading at Warcraft Movies. There is a risk that they will reject it because of it's filesize (930 MB for 23 minutes). I wanted to keep the movie HQ for those who stream. I'm crossing my fingers on this one, because I really really really don't want to sit through another 15 hour render hoping some error doesn't occur 10+ hours into the render (which has happened a few times on this movie already).

I'll have a full write-up for this movie later tonight.

Monday, March 8, 2010

iFyoUDeathKnight Trailer

by Oozo

By far, the Death Knight has been the most dominating class I've played in 70 AV. This had led to many 1vN clips, many of which are 1v4s or 1v5s. Also, I've had some crazy kill chains up to 8 to 10 people back-to-back.

Now, the question is: how do I present this material?

I could go documentary style similar to my Warhammer Choppa movies with added commentary. Or I could go for editting and pure entertainment value. Either way I want to give the viewer some way of understanding what happened and how my enviroment affects the decisions I make. In this trailer I am going for editting, but also do some slowmos and zooms to help the view follow the action, particularly for those who only watch movies via streams. Without zooming, stream-viewers would miss so much of what is happening.

But, does trying to accomodate both types of viewers lead to overall failure? I could go for a movie that is a mixture of what I do in this trailer but also uneditted footage with commentary. This might be the best approach. Otherwise, I fear most viewers would miss the little things I do that help me win these 1v5s. It's not facerolling. There is a lot of thought put into my actions here. But, how should I convey that without coming across as a pretentious ass?

Wait. I am a pretentious ass. Ah, nevermind then.

You can get a fullsize download at Warcraft Movies. Don't forget to rate! (even if you think it sucks)