Friday, May 14, 2010

Summer Vacation, Finally

by Oozo

Work has been rough since I released FUDK, but now I'm on summer vacation so I can get back to working on some movie projects. I've already started work on FUDK2. This movie will be more about actual battleground objectives than the first movie. WSG flag returns and flag caps will be the main focus. I'm also going to be adding some humor commentary, similar to what I did for my 70 hunter movie.

I don't really see the benefit of busting my ass to gear up my 80s with Cataclysm right around the corner. That work would effectively be wasted once the level cap moves to 85 and gear inflation strikes once again. So, I am planning on getting as many of my toons to 80 as possible and doing BGs with friends so I have flexibility when Cataclysm arrives.

For future movie projects, I'm thinking of doing some humor/tutorial types of videos for entry-level PvPers. I'm also thinking of doing some nostalgia videos for Oozo and Chromed. It's funny, I look back at some of those videos and see me vanishing charges, knocking rogues out of stealth before they can open on me, restealthing for openers with dots on me, 5-8 kiting warriors etc. None of which I got much credit for, but other rogues were celebrated for doing. One of the mistakes I made when doing those videos is I thought people would watch the movies carefully enough to notice these things so I did not emphasis them. That was a mistake, and it's a mistake I corrected when working on FUDK. I made a point to emphasis the key elements of the fight and that strategy paid off as the movie was well-recieved.


Sigmoneous said...

This is sort of off topic, but do you ever have any regrets on leaving WAR for WOW? For me, WAR was great in T2 and T3 but I never could stick with T4.

Oozo said...

The thing I liked the most about WAR PvP was that gear wasn't a huge factor in 1v1s. It was a factor, but definitely something that could be overcome. The thing I didn't really like about WAR PvP is that it felt slow and seemed to lack some depth in abilities/counterabilities. WoW PvP is much faster and much less forgiving IMO, with respect to solo play.

Gravy said...

need you back on more good videos to be found :(

Oozo said...

Is that you, Gravytrain? If so, you should make some videos. :P

Gravy said...

It is! And yeah I try to motivate myself to do it, and I start off frapsing a fight or two, nothing special....then I have this epic 1vN and realize I didn't push the button. That's where it ends.

Oozo said...

"then I have this epic 1vN and realize I didn't push the button" -
Oh, yeah. I know how that feels. :(