Friday, August 14, 2009

MOVIE: Oozinator #6 Choppa vs. Slayer

by Oozo

It's that time again!

This movie (watch in HQ) covers the Choppa versus Slayer matchup. The two Slayers featured in this movie are Zulbin and Ghaern. Zulbin is the current number one renown Slayer on Iron Rock and Ghaern is considered by most to be the best 1v1 Slayer on Iron Rock.

The first three fights in this movie are against Zulbin. In each of these fights he is using a Trollslayer build and thus has Rune of Absorption. I am, as always, using a Da' Savage tree build. So, I have Furious Choppin. I am not using Wot Rules in these first three fights.

In fights against Slayers where I don't have Wot Rules my general strategy is to debuff and then use Furious Choppin early. If the Slayer is starting the fight with zero rage then you want to use Furious Choppin early since this is the safest time to use it against a Slayer. The only way a Slayer can stop the heal is with their knockdown and that only becomes available to them when they have red rage. The other advantage of using Furious Choppin early is that if you get into an extended fight you will be able to use it more than once.

After using Furious Choppin I will kite until I have red rage so I have access to my knockdown. Many Slayers make the mistake of not using Rune of Absorption early. If they don't use RoA early and try to save it then they will almost always lose since when they do try to use it, I will be able to interrupt it with my knockdown. You see this strategy play out exactly as such in the last two fights with Zulbin.

If the Slayer is not starting out the fight at zero rage and already has rage built up, then you should wait until after you get knocked down before using your Furious Choppin as demonstrated in the first fight of this movie.

The next two fights are part of a dueling series I had against Ghaern in Chaos Wastes. In these fights I am using the same build as the fights against Zulbin and Ghaern is using a Giantslayer build with Power Through. This allows Ghaern to spam his exhaustives and, in particular, spam Spellbreaker once furious. You wouldn't think that a non-Trollslayer build Slayer could beat a Savage build Choppa, but I did lose this series of duels. The pure damage a Giantslayer can put out is very impressive and in several of the fights he was able to overwhelm the healing I got from my Furious Choppin. The thing that won him most of the fights was that he was able to dump all of that damage and then follow it up with his knockdown.

This series of duels against Ghaern is the reason why I changed builds. I decided that being able to dump damage with exhaustives and still maintain the ability to do an early knockdown was just too good to pass up. However, instead of going down the 2Hand tree like Ghaern did I was going to couple it with Furious Choppin for the heal. Thus was born the build that you see me using most often in my movies.

The last fights in the movie are with the Furious Choppin/Wot Rules build. The strategy now is to debuff, use Furious Choppin early, spam whatever exhaustives you have, and then use knockdown as necessary if they live through the inital damage burst. This build and strategy is extremely powerful against Slayers. The only counter they have is to use a mirror build and the same exact strategy. If they don't then you end up with fights like the last three in this movie. Blow outs.

Both Zulbin and Ghaern ended up moving to this build and strategy. The last fights I had with both of them were mirror fights that came down to the last blow. Unfortunately, I was not able to fraps the fights as I was having some performance issues for a month or so.

In conclusion I find the Choppa versus Slayer 1v1 matchup to be relatively balanced if the fight is ended before morale can be built, after which the Choppa has the advantage in my opinion. Also, I feel that Choppa is a better overall oRvR solo career than the Slayer. There are three main reasons why I feel that is the case.

In terms of group play, I consider Choppa and Slayer to be in the same equivalence class. The reason why Slayers did not gain the notoriety of Choppas is because whatever a Slayer could do was simply overshadowed by what a Bright Wizard could do in terms of group PvP. Hopefully, that dynamic will change.

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Brunne said...

You inspire me to level my choppa faster then I am. I cant wait to get out into tier 4 great vids keep them coming!!

Oozo said...

Thanks for the kind comment and good luck with your progress. I know it's a lot harder levelling up through T4 now than it was when I did it due to gear/item inflation.

Back when I was pushing the Choppa through T4, someone in Conquerors was considered to have good gear. :)

Neonblu said...

when u get a chance i would like to duel ya on test server, i am a slayer form dark crag

Oozo said...

I might be done with Warhammer, at least for now. I'm enjoying the CO Beta, so might jump ship.