Thursday, November 5, 2009


by Oozo

Still here!

Between work, gaming, and some video card issues I haven't had much time to devote to updates. Champions Online didn't work out due to lack of interest from my friends. They felt the game was too easy and there wasn't much connection to their character for that reason.

On the other hand Aion is too grindy. It's not just the levelling, but the trade skills. It's not a bad game, but it requires a heavy time commitment and a great deal of interdependence between players (which isn't a bad thing).

So, I , along with some others have done the unthinkable. We've gone back to WoW. At least until Global Agenda and/or The Old Republic betas roll out. It's been around two years since we last played WoW, so there is a lot to learn, levels to be made, and we are way behind the curve with respect to gear. In other words, SNAFU.

Some people have been requesting some of my old Oozo videos. I'm going to start putting them up on Youtube, but I have to split them, rerender, and upload them which takes time. For now, I've put up the first half of Oozo 7 - Original Control. More to follow.


Kensai said...

This is... good news for me.
I've been stalking you for a while now, and in fact, just yesterday someone was asking about awesome PvP videos on wow eu forums, i linked them your Huntard Files :)

Been leveling my priest now and bought her dual spec the other day and went shadow. I remembered Iwl and how i lost all the "death is not the end" movies when my hdd died on me. It would be awesome if you could upload them somewhere, filefront or something, or make a torrent or whatever, i'm really anal about movies i like, and i got the rest of your work in hi quality - except "The salmon dance".

I know you came to resent WoW for that it is, honestly so do I, but here's what's funny - I can't quit because of people like you. See, you already conquered everything, 3 rogues, 3 different specs, one shadowpriest, one hunter, completely different classes, you melted faces and everything. I can't quit until I'm at least at your level of skill/borderline insanity.

But hey, like i said, it's good that you're back in WoW, i guess you'll be rolling on US, i hope to see a lot of input from you, and a lot of activity. Most importantly, it's good to see that you're alive and kicking.

Hellcome back !

Oozo said...

Thanks for the support. I've been busy working on a druid with my friends. :)

I'll work on getting the SP videos up during the next month when I'm not in game or at work.

Kensai said...

Awesome ! Hope you can upload "salmon dance" too.

Druid, you say ? Oh my, i wonder what a hybrid can do in your twitchy hands :)

Cory said...

Original Control

Don't ask why I still have these...

Thanks Oozo for turning me on to Industrial music, very rare to find people listening to Swamp Terrorists or Ministry. How did you come across those artists?

Oozo said...

There were several industrial dance clubs and record stores in the city I lived near when I was in high school and early college.

Not to date myself but I have a signed copy of Pretty Hate Machine back when NiN was doing small nightclub shows. My industrial phase started a few years before that with Skinny Puppy, Front242, and FLA.

Kensai said...

My entire collection of Oozo's movies. It seems i'm missing Fear in hi-q as well, in addition to salmon dance and iwl movies. Don't expect an imba download speed though, i'm limited to 500 KBps, but feel free to help yourselves.

Oozo's soundtrack certainly is something unique. I've been down with NiN for a long time and i liked the Crow soundtrack, but i wasn't that interested in the industrial genre until i saw some iwl movie that featured PIG - Sanctuary in the beginning and well, i shat bricks. So yeah, props for that, man.

Cory said...

Pig/RaymonWatts/KMFDM/TimSkold has caught my interest recently and I've been playing them heavily.

Signed copy of nin's PHM is pretty awesome Oozo, I was born in the wrong decade...

There are a couple videos that you put out that I have recently lost(xfering to windows 7).
I faintly remember 3 small non pvp videos you had that were pretty funny. Ming was on my server when I played, so thats why i remember them...

1. Mingsilver(spoof of Kevin Bacon's Quicksilver)
2. LvL 60 one on your orc, where you got some raid gear and dueled a warrior by evasion tanking with combat dagger.
3. Another spoof on Ming with a dwarf rogue and came up with the ultimate strat beating warlocks or w.e
Ambush-gouge-blind-vanish-mount-demount stealth-ambush prep blind
(obviously a joke strat)

If those videos don't sound familiar at all, please tell me to go away and stop bothering you. But watching them again would be fun =).