Monday, December 21, 2009


by Oozo

Coming back to play WoW after nearly 2 years away means there is a lot to relearn. These are some clips from my feral druid mostly in the 58-60 level range.

At this level many people complain about the death knights being OP. Of course, it's not the class that is OP it is their relative gear that makes them that way. They get good starting gear for free. However, the tables are quickly turned when you get gear to match.

There are a few "tricks" shown in here. Feral charge in cat is great, but it puts you behind your target forcing you to root. If you have a specific target in mind, you can charge an enemy in front of them and then target back to pounce. And, of course, the old drop flag and pick back up to avoid getting opened on by a stealther.

My 68-70 feral druid movie is rendered and in the process of being uploaded. Due to a gear advantage over most players it will have several 1v3+.

Because in World of Warcraft, gear matters. Too much.

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