Monday, December 21, 2009

Moozo - 68-70 Feral Druid PvP (w/ special introduction by Matt Damon)

by Matt Damon

Okay. First thing we need to clear up is that I am bipolar with a touch of multiple personality order as well. My name is Matt Damon and I serve as an impartial observer to Harmony and Grimshank who are two of my many multiple personalities.

Harmony usually plays a Holy Priest and wants everyone to love her mangina. Grimshank typically plays a rogue and really doesn't give a flying fuck what you think. We've, I mean, I have been having a hard time coming up with an introduction for this movie.

Harmony and Grimshank have both come up with suggestions. You can choose whichever one you like most.


Hi guys!

This is my first ever pvp movie. I just did it for the lolz not to show massive skills or anything like that. And this is my first time using fraps and vegas to do a movie so please don't be mean lol.

I've been gone from the game for a loooooooooooong time and I'm just coming back. Having fun relearning things and the druid is so much fun! So, take it easy on me hehe. I just put this together for a few of my friends. They are the bestest! But maybe it will entertain you too! Everything was frapsed in one day so I didn't take this too seriously lol.

If you all like it I'll put up a fullsize HQ version up somewhere!!

Hope you enjoy it as much as I had fun making it!! Oh, and I'm a girl. So be nice!



Heh, What a pussy.

The movie you are about to witness contains some of the highest levels of PvP ever recorded. All opponents within can be said to be nothing but the best of the best.

Just kidding. All of these people are noobs. But then again, to me, everyone is a noob. And, noobs can't beat me.

Frankly, I hate making movies. It's a boring and tedious task, but people keep pestering me and asking "When are you going to make another movie? When are you going to make another movie? Waaaaaaah!" And then I remember and say to myself... It's not about them, it's about you... it's about you.

Let's get one thing straight. I could fucking care less if this movie entertains you. Am I getting paid to make this fucking shit for you? Hell no. Is it about the music? Heh, no. Even though the music in this movie is vastly superior to the stupid crap you listen to, it's not about the music.

No, this movie is about one thing, and one thing only. Inflating my already enormously huge e-cawk.

And don't even get me started on Arena. It's nothing but a bunch of prancing faggots running around covering up for each others' mistakes and touching each other's asses. The real measure of one's skill in PvP is solo PvP. How do you do without a support net to catch you when you fall, prissyboy?

I'd have 2700+ ratings in all brackets if my friends didn't suck so much. They are all a bunch of mouth-breathing mouse-clicking retards. But hey, they are my friends, and I stick by my friends. Even if they do hold me back. Bunch of fucking losers.

I'd make a HQ version of the movie so it would be easier to see what's going on, but it really wouldn't matter because you wouldn't understand the complicated manuevers I'm pulling off in the movie anyway.

Get bent.

If the embedded players are running slowly, try clicking on them to go to the main youtube page. This sometimes helps.


Kensai said...

Oh yeah.
Good to have you back, man.
What can i say, i watched both movies twice, and i like what i see. I can't say i'm a master of the druid class or that i like it more than others, but you certainly manage to pull off some serious stuff there.

What i'd like to see though, and this is not critique, more like personal preference, is your action bar. I play my druid as feral as well, though i haven't pvped with mine in ages (since lvl 37 or smth), and for someone like me it would be real cool to see what moves you use. So far, i saw you use something in the lines of Pounce+Rake+Mangle, bearform, bash, mangle/maul, switch back to cat to... maim or FB ?

Also, uploading them in HQ somewhere is a must. Best course of action imo would be to use WCM tracker or some other torrent site and just seed it. We'll make sure to spread the word (we'll seed too). And clearly, you have more than 2 fans since Grimshank has 4 votes so far :P

Oozo said...

Thanks for the comment. :)

My guild chat is at the bottom of the screen with the action bar, so it's just easiest to cut them off so I don't have to worry about my moron friends saying moron stuff in guild chat. ;)

Also, I write a lot of macros and I generally don't take care with the icons.

My action bar is set up on my main attack button to pounce if in stealth, rake if out of stealth. I do this in case pounce misses. Keeping bleeds up is very important. Obviously true against rogues to counter cloak of shadows, but important for any class so they can't bandage off of a long duration CC.

After that, it's mangle and shred as oppurtunity presents itself.

After I got maim I took FB off of my action bar. Maim to shred (multiple shreds with energy talent and omen of clarity) is more reliable to me than FB damage.

I'd put it up on WCM, but I totally forgot about their ad requirement and I don't want to sit through an all day render again. :)

I'll be putting a short clip of my Shadow Priest up soon. I'm testing out a new video format to help the viewer keep track of what is going on better (health/mana/abilities).

Kensai said...

Aw man, did you just switch to balance ? I can't find your armory. I was very curious to see how you manage your talents.

See, on one hand, i'd skip the shred talents, including rend and tear and predatory instincts to get master shapeshifter, imp motw and uhh.. i'd better link you my spec actually:

I realize that nowadays it's basically bear OR cat, but i don't know, it seems to me going all out for shred sacrifices a lot of utility, so i gotta ask you, what did you go for ?

Oozo said...

I picked up all the shred talents, but also all the shapeshifting talents.

I got to say, balance SUCKS for solo PvP. Might be okay in a group, but this is an extremely weak solo build.

But, why play Balance when you can play SP? It handles melee AND casters far better than Moonkin.